So I follow you on twitter, and I didn't realize that you got a new publisher, so I was RIDICULOUSLY excited when you tweeted about either Revealed or Captured coming out, because I thought it was a whole new book, not just a revamp. Can I ask when the 3rd is coming out? I totally have to reread them all, because I realized how great they really are. plus I started watching Game of Thrones and everytime Jason Momoa comes on, all I can think of is James. Anyway thanks for the great books!

Thanks! So glad you like the series! I don’t have a definite date on book 3 yet, but I’m guessing late summer/early fall perhaps.

I’m right there with you about Game of Thrones. :) Every time I see Jason in anything, I just keep thinking, “He’s the perfect James!”

Don’t know if you saw, but book 1 is free today if you buy book 2. 


Thanks for reading!


Not that I ever need an excuse to post Jason Momoa pics, but Captured comes out tomorrow, so I thought I’d share these pics of the man who inspired me to create James in the Vice, Virtue & Video series. We’re also doing a special release day offer to buy Captured  (book 2) and get Revealed (book 1) for free. If you dig Jason, and you enjoy smutty erotic romance novels, scoop up both books tomorrow. ;)